I registered “Made by Kiwi” as a company name in 2009. I never really loved it, but finding a good name can be hard, and back then we didn’t have all the options for domain name TLDs that we do today. I really wanted a .com, and wanted to find a name that I could get as a .com.

I never really ended up using this site very much. I thought I would end up maintaining my portfolio and showing the work that I did here, but I always stayed busy and turned out to not really need to do much here.

Throughout my career I continued to work building software and apps mostly on my own. I’ve wanted to have a new name for a while. I wanted something simple, and more personal.

I ended up choosing the “.studio” domain TLD, with the simplicity of just my first name. So, my new website is now simply zef.studio and I renamed my LLC to “Zef Limited”.

On my new website I’m mostly posting personal projects and things that I find interesting that are unrelated to software development. However I do have a small portfolio of my iOS development career posted.

I’ve still never really fulfilled the dream of publishing very much of my own software, but I am taking some steps to work on that and would still like to produce and publish some apps of my own. I’m also still doing some app development work for clients on a freelance basis.